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Oct. 27th, 2004 @ 09:40 pm News and Rumors
In the newspapers:

Benedict Arnold defeated at Lake Champlain on the 11th of October.
American retreat at the Battle of White Plains (10/28)

Benedict Arnold's fleet of naval ships were defeated on Lake Champlain on the 11th of the month of October in the year of the Lord seventeen hundred seventy-six. The war rages on traveling closer occassionally to our fair city, issues also abound in the areas of the port. Having lost the lake in Ohio, Americans grow anxious over the issues that are threatening the country.

Americans retreat from the British in White Plains. On the 28th of the month of October in the year of the Lord seventeen seventy-six, General George Washington retreated from a British on slaught in the White Plains of New York.

In Philadelphia a meeting was held earlier this month to discuss the issues of family's missing individuals. Results from this town meeting have not yet been reported to the staff here.


Kindred Rumors: The Camarilla and Sabbat have been warring, the independentants grow more and more annoyed at the lack of leadership on both sides. The Gangrel are around still, ignoring for the most part the issues of the Court and the problems they seem to have with building up a structure. The Sabbat has been also around pushing towards taking over a larger part of the city, will they enter into the lands forbidden to all?

Camarilla Rumours: The Sabbat had been attacking yet now, suddenly silence engulfs the domain. No one has seen the Don of the City. A new Kindred has appeared in the area and recently was wedded to another Kindred. Odd things abound, as the strangeness continues in the domain. There's been 4 Princes in 4 weeks, Diana Kensington, Ceaser, Matthew, and now Abdullah, but yet none has truely successfully claimed praxis without it being disputed by another. What will the latest grouping bring? Who will succeed in retaining Praxis. Who is this Ceaser guy who claims to be Prince? Where did Matthew wander off to and where are the rest of the Ventrue Clan?

Sabbat Rumours: The Camarilla has been annoying again recently. Already the Sabbat grows weak in a loss of infiltrators and leadership. The Archbishop orders all who are Loyal Sabbat to her gathering to be held in a undisclosed place at an undisclosed time (If you play a Sabbat PC contact the ST Staff in regards to this please)
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