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Oct. 7th, 2004 @ 05:13 pm The next two rocks in the pile
*She sat there carving into the next couple of rocks in the pile, her eyes focused on her work, her carvings but crudely drawn figures as she desprately tried to express the ideas of the next two concepts over a course of nights in her mind, trying to make the pictures represent what she understood the concepts to be. She silenced her mind focusing only on the task at hand, trying to express Ikhwan in a way that would be acceptable, that would be suitable. She drew pictures of people and tried to draw them close together, overlapping even, as the rock was made to symbolize such a concept as brotherhood. Trying to express peace between the assamites and the forbidden nature of combat between the two. She worked on drawing chores that they assisted each other with, leaving out the only task that was forbidden to have assistance in, Assasinations. She tried to represent this in a picture of a cell.

Her mind blanked at the next one, briefly, for she hesitated on how to draw such a concept, she knew not how to write it in pictures. She drew two individuals, standing tall and noble, and finally a third one head lower then the other two. She drew a picture of a group of people with weapontry decending upon the third one, which she placed horns upon. Muruwa was a hard concept to depict. She sat there her mind focused still strongly upon her task as she worked towards showing the picture for what it was, what it had to be. She thought about the individual, which was what this focused on and tried to figure out how to show such, how does one show truth? She drew a circle around individuals to represent such a thing, trying to make each part of the concept stick, trying to show honor in the picture.

She took the rocks to Abdullah's room when she was done, and then returned to the barn to sleep for the day.
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