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Sep. 18th, 2004 @ 03:57 pm Julian - Feels Like Home
Current Mood: pensivepensive

Home.  It was a strange concept, to be sure.  Julian was unsure, as of yet, where home was.  There was the haven he rarely used.  The small properties owned in the city for backup or other purposes.  And there was...the other place.  The one that felt most like home, yet was most dangerous.  Walking through the streets, unseen by all as he passed, Julian wondered which truly was home?

Home is where the heart is.  Your heart is only in one of those places.  Ergo, go to yourself. It is simpler.  Julian frowned at the quiet rasp, coming from the back of his mind.  Certain...things...had been upset tonight, and quiet voices were coming more than they had for a long time.  Are you listening?  Listen.  It is essential that you not put yourself at risk as much as you do.

I disagree, another voice piped up.  To assure power and trust, you must put yourself in minor risk.  The situation you have arranged here is an idea one, and your safety is almost assured.  Power lies just a bit beyond.  Some distance for personal safety would not be a bad idea, though.  You should be more cautious.  Every aspect, every vessel, they are your dominion.  You must take care with them.

Julian shook his head, smiling a bit before replying on the inside.  >You two argue like old women.  I know where to go, and your doubts make only irritations.  What I did tonight will only serve my greater good.  And rid me of the two of you.<

How unusually malicious, my friend.  Yes...remarkable for you, I believe.  Have you been drinking when we were not looking? Regardless of whether or not he has been drinking, he seems resolved to rid himself of us.  We, who have been so close at all times, who have guided and led...You should have a care.  Yes. Remember, we know who you are.

>Shut up, shut up, BE SILENT.  I am in control.  I will choose how we go.  And what we do.  If you will not behave, I direct you towards the fate of the others.<  There was a thoughtful silence.  >Are we done now?  Good.<

Looking up, Julian frowned.  His feet had brought him to somewhere, true...but home?  Yes.  There was one place that felt like home.  Promises and unexpected changes had led to that.

But as he went to the door, Julian nodded.  It was a good feeling, it felt...right.

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Sep. 13th, 2004 @ 05:16 am News Sept 13, 1776
Late last evening, Colonial Troops blew up a british naval supply ship outside the Philadelphia Harbor. This ship was returning from picking up supplies from New York when it was intercepted by American Troops. The boat exchanged fire with the British ship and succeeded in sinking the boat prior to it being able to be rescued by British forces.

The ship was owned by the (insert the name of Prince Kensington's shipping company here. if you are aware of this company as being owned by the Prince then that is what you know) Shipping Company, it is a well known supporter of the British King.
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Sep. 17th, 2004 @ 06:41 pm Rumors 1776
General Knowlege: There was a fire last night in one of the poorer sections of town. An entire block went up in flames after a fire started under mysterious circumstances in a tavern called the Filthy Flagon. 20 to 30 familys were left homeless, penniless and all their possession burned before the blaze could be put out. Its obviously the work of the British who were later seen at the scene.

Some investigation will reveal information please contact the ST's to investigate
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Sep. 17th, 2004 @ 06:41 pm News September 16, 1776
After evacuating New York City, Washington's army repulses a British attack during the Battle of Harlem Heights in upper Manhattan. Several days later, fire engulfs New York City and destroys over 300 buildings in the wake of the war. The British set forth to subdue the colonies. They began the effort by recapturing New York. First, they drove Washington off Long Island; then, from lower Harlem. After this initiative, Washington retreated to White Plains, where for the first time, he was able to hold off the British forces. The British, then again, outmanuevered Washington. Washington was forced to retreat to New Jersey.

Last night local Indian tribes dressed in what looked like wild animal parts that have been skined of some sort were attacking British forces wandering in the Center of Philadelphia. It was thought to beleive that the British were trying to spread the plague around the city was the colonist reason on why the Indians attacked. The attacks started in the center of the city and head southward to the Quarentined area, but the British were successful in keep the Indians back in their attack. The British have demonstrated theyr perfidy by unleashing new weapons on the innocente citizens of Philidelphia. Witnesses state these weapons allow the imperialists to move at greate speed and drawe weapons from nowhere upon unsuspecting crowdes

American Colonist burned down a local British Loyalist house in the uppercrest area this morning, in attempt to drive off the British out of Philadelphia. The house was unabled to be stoped from burning and killed the occupants in the fire.
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Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 06:24 pm Maps
For maps of the period during the revolution see:

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Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 06:05 pm Rumors and news Sept 11th, 1776
News reports:

(Dated for tommorrow's paper) September 11, 1776 - A peace conference is held on Staten Island with British Admiral, Lord Richard Howe, meeting American representatives including John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. The conference fails as Howe demands the colonists revoke the Declaration of Independence.

All harbors and shipping companies while already locked down by British forces are now also locked down by Amercian forces as well. A ship apparently left the harbor last night peacefully and is now adrift in the ocean, unable to get back into the dock. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.

Travel by land is also limited, as there is still fighting to the North. The battles loom dangerously close to Philadelphia. The disease in the Southern District of Philadelphia also lingers. Vampires of all sects have heard whispers that the throats of some of the victims of this disease has been "eaten" out.

Apparently the "Eye of Caine" has been rumoured to be about. This is a fabled item if your Camarilla, if your Sabbat you have a strong desire to go to the stronghold of the City to see what is going on. (Contact the ST's). If your a Malkavian please contact the ST's to find out what you hear from the Malkavian Network on this item.

Apparently rumour has it that Angelous has left the domain, although why is unclear. He was last seen at the bar having a conversation with Abdul - makes one wonder what that was about.

The Assamites apparently have been in possession of many of the Sabbat bodies - curious - as they still perhaps have the bodies. One is not too sure in these regards, however, the issues still linger with why the Prince gave the Assamites the Western Region of Philadelphia.

There is a new Toreador in town, or two.

Bodies drained of blood are still being found in various areas of the city.

The Torries (rebel forces) are attacking at those seeming to be on the side of the British forces and thier movement grows every evening. Apparently the threat looming over Philadelphia seems to be growing as it's citizens resent the government of the British being so strongly placed there.
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Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 07:49 am News Report Sept 9, 1776
Doctor reports that lady found near death.

An unidentified woman was found in a bar last night, near death. The
cause of this was extreme wounds to her arms and legs. She appeared
to be around the age of 20. The woman was given a room in the pub so
that she might live out her existing hours as comfortably as possible.
The pub's bartender had the following to report. "There were people
all over, it's a busy time for us. Especially at night. The patrons
were all upset over this, they were trying to assist her and there was
talk about how this was done to her by the red coats. A few of them
went upstairs and left to take care of the problem. This seemed odd
since the majority of the Patrons at this Bar support England."

It appears that the British are attacking US Citizens at this point
and one should take caution around them.
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Sep. 9th, 2004 @ 04:38 pm Lost between the Illusions and Truths...
As I sit here at my desk, with two jars of soil and a notepad full of information, I can't help but think that much of this was done as a deception. There are so many things that can be followed, so many leads, so many directions, and yet... I was able to find much of this very easily without the extreme need for my mental capabilities. Did they not count on being investigated, or did they believe the mundane constables would not look for such things? It is possible. I am not mundane in many of my approaches, and a fellow kindred could assume that certain matters would be overlooked.

Grave Marker #221:
Grave looks freshly disturbed. The soil itself contains the smell of mold, almost identical to the sample taken outside the Governor's Manor. One can assume that any difference is due to its relocation and mixing slightly with the new soil. Site restored as much as possible, due to removal of said sample.

Could this be where he sleeps? Or have I found the temporary haven of some homeless kindred. Possibly just spending the night, or the week while passing through. Someone who has nothing to do with the infants, only in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then I could be following a ghost of a person who will not be here in a fortnight. I was luckily able to find another clue, as his boot was also of interest...

Boot mark:
Only a partial marking, the soles were not of a tradition "American" style. It was familiar of what I have seen in Europe over the many years, but without a full print I cannot determine a size of said boot.

Unfortunately, many of those kindred who have visited are from some part of Europe or another. Thusly their boots will all share common soles. Unless I can denote a locational style difference between the countries boots. That will be another matter altogether. I will move onto the next item in the investigation for the night... the tracks...

Drag Mark:
The drag mark was found moving away from the grave site. Examining the width of the markings, as well as their length, it can be assumed that a large item, possibly a body, was being dragged. If said item was a body, it was much too heavy for him to carry, and thusly had to drag it on its back. Had the person dragging the body been strong enough, there would have been two thinner drag marks, denoting the legs running against the grass. But with the possibility of the item not being a body, the wide markings could just be the result of a wide item. Regardless though, it was much too heavy to be carried, and was thusly dragged over the cobblestone. Further investigation on the movement led me to the garrison.

If this is our assailant... then he is fast and resilient, but lacks the proper strength for killing and easily disposing of bodies. That can rule out the Brujah, who have shown prowess in both strength and speed. Also is the Nosferatu, who inherently have the ability of strength. I will be compiling a list of the known powers of the different clans soon to try to determine which can be our infant robber.

Combining some information from the boot, his possible location, as well as his clan will help slowly weed out our problem maker. This will not be an easy solution, as new kindred arrive daily and I can not confirm if they have not been hiding and doing vile deeds behind the back of others. I will have to make haste, then, and make sure to have conversations with each. I shall get to know them and their validity of their stories. That and my usual discussion with Lady Crawford to keep my mind fresh.
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Pietro Pierleoni
Sep. 8th, 2004 @ 10:46 pm September 7th in the Year of our Lord 1776
Current Mood: sadsad
There are times when I regret the path I've chosen...

I am still upset that Mr. Key called me a Harlot. But it is true, is it not? What right do I have to be upset?

I am on my own. I don't have many options for survival. It is easy enough for a man to earn a living on his own nowadays, but the rules change for women. I have no one I can depend upon but myself.

And then there's Llew... He seems enamored of me but... I don't think he knows of my profession. We went for a walk the other night and it was... nice. I hope Cristobal does not find out though. He'd be very upset if he found out I didn' t charge.

Last night I went for a walk with Pietro. Something went wrong with my illusion and it pulled something from my subconscious instead of the one I intended. I have to be careful. Now some of my illusions have fallen from his eyes. He's seen a bit too much of my Truth. Now I must weave new illusions to keep him at bay.

And now the latest... Llew tells me he's a man of the cloth and that he cannot see me again.

It is not meant to be.
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Liz Crawford
Sep. 8th, 2004 @ 12:32 pm Sarena comes to visit
Current Mood: awake
She entered the city with caution and hesitation. I don't have to worry i am supposed to be here. what is here Philadephia. Nothing will happen i am here to find my sire. She walked around and looked for the one person she could not live without. she did not know why she was given such a gift. but she was and was happy for it. she walked around and smiled as it came to her thought that she wanted her sire to be happy and she walked slowly and surely. but it was apparent that she was there to be happy. she found a small place and hold up there.
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