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This game will be using the following books for game mechanics: everyone starts with a base PC built from the following books. Everyone has 75 XP to spend on their PC's within the following restictions.

* VtM:Rev
* VtM:Sabbat Guide
* VtM: Camarilla Guide
* VtM: Storytellers Guide
* VtM: by Gaslight

Based off your generation you have a limited amount of things you are permitted to buy to start the PC with, you can buy more after play but bringing the PC in - if you are:

* Ghouls/ Mortals - you can only purchase up to basic disciplines and no more then a x2 in any one ability.
* 11th or 12th gen - you can only purchase up to intermediate disciplines and no more then a x3 in any one ability.
* 9th and 10th gen - you can only purchase up to advance disciplines and no more then x4 in any one ability.
* 8th and higher gens - you can only purchase elder level disciplines (not master) and no more then x5 in any one ability.

Addition of new abilities:

* Ride ability - this is important to note as it denotes that you can ride a horse.

Addition of new merits and flaws:

Hypersensitive Palate (2 trait merit)
Humanity's Window (3 trait merit - can only be bought by Gangrel, Nos and other creatures with "deformitys" that mark them as "repugnant")
13th Generation (2 trait flaw)
Frail Stomach (2 trait flaw)
Pox (3 trait flaw)

Downery (2+ trait merit)
Secret Society Member (2 trait Merit)
Underpriviledged Origins (1 trait flaw)
Gulpy (2+ trait flaw)
Duelist Reputation (1 to 3 trait Merit or Flaw)

Literacy (1 trait merit) **Note must possess either Literacy or Academics in order to read**
Wit (1 to 3 trait merit)
Mechanical Aptitude (2 trait merit)
Natural Cipher (2 trait merit)
Archaic (2 trait flaw)
Dangerous Bias (3 trait flaw)

Medium (2 to 4 trait merit)
Prophetic (3 trait merit)
Harbringer of Gehenna (5 trait flaw)

If you want more information on these please ask.


Lores are free but only one dot past this can be learned in a month.

This is where everyone starts:

I've decided how we're going to do lores now realize I seriously object to the Camarilla's way of doing lores, so to make this easy since ya'll want to know what you get for what you know.

Each of you know the equivilant of Kindred, Clan, and Sect lore x3. You do not know more, you do not know less. At least not to start. Everyone is on the same page - this is to keep this system simplified. **Ghouls do not start with these lores - for Ghouls this must be learned in game entirely**

What does the Lore information provide?

Clan Lore:
* You know your clan exists, and that you are a member of that clan and a vampire. (clan lore 1)
* You know the in's and out's about your disciplines, and thier names, you also know which ones are most commonly used and 1 level above that which you can use. You know why your clan is associated with the sect which it is, and what deviation from that can lead to (death, blood bonds, or worse humiliations). (clan lore 2)
* You've heard rumors about the subsecent bloodlines that stem from your clan whether you choose to believe them or not is another story. You know and understand the structure of your clan and who speaks for your clan in meetings (ect) and why. (clan lore 3)

Sect Lore:
* You know your sect and it's leader in the city, and how they rose to assention. (Sect lore 1)
* You know the "traditions" you follow as part of that sect. You are aware of the status of those who are most prestigous in the city that are of your sect. You know what constitutes a scandle amongst your sect (yes all sects have scandles amongst them even the Sabbat and Independents). (sect lore 2)
* You know of the other sect's existance and why you aren't of another sect, you are also aware that joining the other sects is frown upon unless on covert missions and operations. (sect lore 3)

Kindred Lore:
* You know other kindred exist, and that they can be found within the city. (kindred lore 1)
* You know the names of the 9 major clans and have met others from them at least once, and had a conversation with them. (kindred lore 2)
* You have knowledge of the disciplines other clans possess (ie: speed, strength, ability to see, ability to make others like them, ability to take hits, ability to talk to animals) but only of the 9 major clans (Ventrue, Brujah, Toreador, Tremere, Malkavians, Lasombra, Tzim's, Gangrel, Nosferatu) - (kindred lore x3)

To learn more then this requires a month in game researching - as long as it is Kindred, your Sect, or your clan.

The various other creature types - will require 2-3 months to research since they do not exist in our games.

To learn about a clan other then your own requires a teacher + 1 month researching or 2 months researching the other clan.

To learn about another sect with a teacher requires 1 month to learn, without a teacher requires 2 months infiltration.

Other new rules will be posted to the OOC/IC list as they are brought up. Most things will be open to a vote by the players which each vote will last exactly two weeks. The exception to this is ST calls.

Disagreements with an ST call is to be discussed with that ST and Mary. If you are running a scene with one ST and they switch to have another ST run it the ST now running it is in charge and has been given a full run down of the plot to the point of being capable of running it. Do not switch back and forth on ST's for calls ect. This simply confuses the ST's who are trying to run the plots.

We will be using LJ's and the Channel #gothic for game play.

RP is 24/7 and up to you as to when you want to RP - there is no limits as this is your game.


You can not kill another PC without an outsider as a witness to the scene - in other words you need yourself, the PC your killing and 1 person to act as an ST over the scene. Both Players need to agree to listen to the ST they choose. You can not prevent the death of your PC by saying you disagree to the ST choice.
You can only learn rare out of clan disciplines in game - you can not purchase them prior to game start. You need an IC teacher and you must pay an IC price for learning this power. There must be a reason behind it.
Rules disagreements will be decided by an ST - we will be using the rules straight from the books on how things work. If something isn't working then we will change it over this list so that it's public and everyone is aware of the change in the mechanic. This will be decided by the group, rather then by individuals - if something isn't working then you need to write what it is, how it's broken, and suggest how to fix it.
When you are acting as the ST - you are allowed to make calls to make the game run more smoothly (IE: mob combat rules - use what you think works best - but all players must agree to the rules and know the rules in advance - if you think the MET rules work better then the Camarilla rules, use them, but all players must agree to the same set of rules involved in the scene).
Players are ST's - they are allowed to submit ideas and NPC's for plots however, they are not to abuse this right by taking advantage of killing off rival PC's with NPC's. We're all adults, complaints will be looked into and we will resolve it in the best fashion possible.
Diablorie is allowed.
Try to work things out between yourselves.
All ST calls are final if an issue can not be worked out between players themselves. I strongly encourage all players to attempt to resolve issues between themselves in regards to what they will allow each other to do. (IE: Use of Merits as retests as bid, use of improper retests ect.) If an ST must make a call it is final and will be made into an official rules call which will be posted to this list.

* This is a vampire game. Please realize that there are rare creature types that I will approve for game play. If there are too many rare vampires in the game however, they will be denied based on too many in gameplay. Use common sense and realize that the majority of the vampires should be the 7 common clans.

* Malkavians in the Camarilla have Dominate - not Dementation

* There are no Tzim's in the Camarilla.

* Darkness factors 3 - the world is still hidden from the veiw of
theMortals - vampires are still the gods amongst the men who's masqurade
keeps them safely protected. PC's will have to build the domain they
reside in and decide how they want it to be. Most interaction will be
PC to PC.

There is an IC LJ that is located at ICJournals - the URL for it is http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=icjournals

The Main IC channel is located at #gothic-icThe OOC channel is located at #gothic
Philadelphia IC Docks: #docks
Prince's Manor:
Prince's private channel:
South Philadelphia:
North Philadelphia:
West Philadelphia
Assamites farmhouse (I took it back): #farmhouse - must be an assamite or invited by the assamites to get the key
Assamite's Farm: #farm-house - must be an assamite or invited by the assamites to get the key
East Philadelphia:

Challenge Channel: #gothic_challenges

Gameserv is in there - however we're probably going to set up a different channel to use gameserv in, just to keep the RPS down in the main channel.

You may create side rooms of your own.


* City: Philadelphia PA
* Prince and Court: Camarilla held currently
* Sabbat: allowed
* Camarilla: Allowed
* Anarch's and Autarks: Allowed

The year is 1776, there is no Prince, and as a result no court. The city is in a state of turmoil, there are sabbat and anarch's and independents and Camarilla members all vying for control over the city of Philadelphia. Each wanting to be the deciding factor in what's going on. Strange sights are seen within the city, and even the kindred realize some of what's going on is strange indeed. Ben Franklin has been hard at work writing,as well as Thomas Paine and the other writers of that time.

The newspapers talk of the war, it's the main focus. However, on occassion there are some strange deaths mentioned breifly in Mr. Franklin's news paper. It appears that bodies are being found totally devoid of vitae - the newspapers blame the grave robbers that are currently stealing bodies and donatingthem, so to speak, to science - how degrading - imagine, cutting open the dead. The local hospials say that such things are not transpring thoughthem, however, with the war, much of this is being ignored. The First Congressional (I think it's first) has met in it's Congressional Hall, and arguements abound. The states are divided in whether they should be traitors to England and it's King - the insane King George - or if they shouldbe loyal to him and pay Taxes without representation on the King's Parament.

The Sabbat increases it's attacks and attempts at control over the city of Brotherly Love, and the Camarilla struggles to hold onto what they are trying to build there. The battle comes down to one of brotherhood, of fiedlity and of sect.

** XP is awarded once a month at the end of the month it works like this:

For IRC play (anytime) you get 4 xp
For posting at least 1 post in the ICJournals you get 2 xp
For player nominations sent to this list, myself or Rindy - you can get up to 1 xp
For Email Posts that transpire ICly and effect game play (IE you start an IC discussion and take part in it) you can get up to 1 xp
For ST Nominations you can get up to 2 xp

This gives us a total of possible 10 xp in a month.