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Sep. 23rd, 2004 @ 11:49 am Julian - Family Ties Part 1
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Julian looked over the maps again, his scribe having carefully copied down all of Abdul's notes.  Somewhere here, there was a pattern.  Somewhere.  He just had to find it.  When the door opened behind him, Julian didn't turn.  He heard the heartbeat first...it was familiar, the not quite true beat of an immortal focusing themselves on...certain things.

"Father?" the rich male voice said.  Julian turned with a grin, maps momentarily forgotten.  "I came, as you asked."

"Graham!"  Julian smiled as he looked upon his favorite childe, now here at last.  "When did you arrive?"

"Recently, sir.  The Matron directed me here.  What is this location?"

"This is my meeting site, and our planning...house, I suppose.  I recently met with the Primogen.  There may yet be an end in sight."

"Wonderful!" Graham exclaimed.  "And congradulations upon your ascent.  I told you that you would desire it again, did I not?"

"Yes."  Julian nodded.  "You did."  Silence for a moment, Julian looking down.  And then he smiled at Graham in what could be mistaken for an apprehensive fashion.  "I...really am sorry about what happened.  What I had to do.  You know it pained me to do so."

"Father, you do what you must.  I understand, and I am no longer angry.  I love you for the gift you have given me.  The Insight, my Family...it is glorious..."

A smile crept onto Julian's face, a true smile.  "Graham, that is wonderful to hear.  One of your sisters is here, you know.  I had thought her lost to me, but fate has rewarded my patience and my virtue with her return.  You must meet her."

Graham shared in Julian's joy.  "Oh, excellent.  Yes, absolutely.  And I wish to be of service to you, Father."

Julian walked to Graham and put a hand on his shoulder, smiling.  "There is much that we can discuss, my son."

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