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Oct. 1st, 2004 @ 02:37 pm Julian - Last Words (2nd to last)
Current Music: The Living End - Staring at the Light
Julian frowned, sealing the last envelope.  Letters written in haste were not truly the best of things, but they would have to do.  There was no more time.  There never seemed to be, but now this was even more true.

He held his ring ot the cooling wax long enough to carry his mark, and looked over to the stark German woman standing by the door.  Julian stood, and handed a dozen of the letters to her.  A single name was on each, and Julian felt some relief as he did so.

"Matron," he said to her.  "Thank you.  Please, see that these are delivered."  She nodded, and after she left the room, Julian nodded.  That was done, then.

Father, Graham's voice said.  You don't have to do this.  Fight it.

"Graham.  No...we can't.  Ultimately, we must each accept our fates.  It is as God wishes it to be.  Our brothers and sisters will welcome us."

No one will ever know, father.        "Those who need to know will know."
We will be forever lost.                      "We will be one at last."
Salvation will be denied.                  "We shall find salvation in sacrifice."
You do this because you have no choice.   "Not the situation I would have preferred, but we must accept what life gives."
YOU ACCEPT DEFEAT!                    "It is what I make it."

And what is to become of me?  Is my soul finally to rest, or are you to bring me on your quest and deny me my salvation?

"Once I am gone...so shall be you.  Worry not, my son.  You have done what you set out to do, and I am greatful.  Rest now, and dream of your reward."  Julian nodded as the feeling of Graham, as the presence of his son dwindled.  Poor Graham had been dead for two centuries...they both had to accept that now.  There was no choice of doing anything else.

Julian pulled on his gloves and reached for the last letter.  This one, he would deliver himself.  Some things were too important to entrust to others.  A look at his clock, his prized possession, made him smile slightly.  A few hours yet.  It was bittersweet.

Everything was settled, though.  More than most people get.  Now, just one last thing to do.
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